About My Life as a Writer

I'm married and a proud mother of one child. I currently reside in Phoenix, AZ. “What Is Love? Perspectives On Love” is a fiction, a reality based book.

My inspiration to writing:

Everyday's life. Love. Why would two people find love to run away from it? Why do two people marry to call it quit after a few months? Why would two people be together for decades only to turn their back on what they shared and built for so long for a new love that wasn't a real love? Why do people find happiness in one another only to disrespect, lie to them, cheat on them, and still believe it is all okay? Why do people use “I love you” only to ride on someone’s fame, money and just use someone to their advantage? It is fascinating. I still ask “what is love?” Where is the true love? What do you say “I love you” for?

I wanted to dissect love, take a deep look at it by writing on reality based stories.